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Antiques and Collectibles

20% of all sales go to benefit the Davistown Museum

Handcrafted 2001 NRA Commemorative 1930s Studebaker Pickup Truck

This small ceramic piece is signed, "LYNN NAVAJO" on the bottom. Measures 3 5/8" diameter, 1 1/8" tall.

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Price: $40.00

Set of 10 Antique Cast Iron and Bronze Skeleton Keys

This set of 10 keys includes 9 cast iron and one cast bronze key. Sizes range from 1 7/8" to 3" long. All have some tarnish, some have a little twist to the handles, a couple have chips in the tip--see photos.

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Price: $20.00

Antique Set of 6 Silver Plated Rogers & Bro. A-1 Nut Picks in Original Box

Tool Type: nut picks
Maker: Rogers & Bro., A-1
Materials: Silver plated steel
Condition: In original box (which is somewhat worn), see photos
Measurements: picks are 5" long

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Price: $10.00

Antique Dean Foster 14 Blackstone St Boston 2 Gallon Stoneware Jug

This ceramic jug is marked "Dean Foster & Co. 14 Blackstone St. Boston. 2" and holds 2 gallons. 14 1/2" tall, 8" diameter. Chip in the lip, smells old.

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Price: $300.00

Antique Nickel Plated Brass Never Rust English Parade Horse Bit

Tool Type: Horse bit
Maker: Never Rust
Materials: Nickel plated brass
Condition: Some wear, signs of use
Measurements: 8 3/4" long, 6 7/8" tall

Additional Photos: 1 2 3

Price: $30.00

Vintage 1956 Rare Taxidermied and Mounted Togue Fish Trophy

This antique taxidermied Togue comes with an original phtoograph and the 1956 State of Maine "The One That Didn't Get Away Club" certificate from July 21, 1956 indicating that it was caught by Norman Cookson of Pittsfield, Maine, at 19 pounds and 35 inches long. Trophy measures about 35" x 15". Some fiberglass repairs.

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Price: $350.00

Beautiful Set of 54 Antique c. 1908-1930 New York Lithograph Photo Postcards

This set of 54 postcards includes a variety of views of New York cities and landscapes. Most are lithographed hand-colored photographs. They measure 3 1/2" x 5 1/2". A variety of publishers. Cards in this set include: Public Square by Moonlight, Watertown, NY by William Jubb Co of Syracuse YMCA, Watertown, by Watertown News Co. 257 American Falls and Steel Arch Bridge from luna Island, Niagara Falls 243 Cave of the Winds and Bridal Veil Falls, Niagara Falls Washington's Headquarters, Newburgh by Phostint / Detroit Publishing Co. 303: The Great Gorge of the Niagara River, Niagara Falls Kitchen, Washington's headquarters, Newburgh by Davis Photo Service Inc The Niagara, Niagara Falls The Great Ravine, Saratoga Battlefield Schuylerville 264 Aero Cable, Niagara Falls 237 American Falls from Below 205 Saragota Battle Monument, Schuylerville by "Star Quality" C.W. Hughes & Co Inc, Mechanicsville Sunken Rock Light House, 1000 Islands by Hallam & Vesty, Alexandria Bay Sunset on the Black River, Watertown by Jubb Rainbow Falls, Wintertime, Watkins Glen by R.C. Pomeroy, Watkins Glen Alster Tower - Heart Island, 1000 Islands by Hallam & Vesty 335 Prospect Point, Niagara Falls 307 Brink of American Falls Hotel Woodruff Cavern Gorge, Watkins Glen Suspension bridge, Watkins Glen Watchless Scene, Watkins Glen New Bridge, Watertown Shadow Gorge, Watkins Glen Pine Camp, Great Bend, Between Watertown & Carthage by Jubb Artist's Dream, Watkins Glen by C.T. American Art Colored Cavern Tunnel, Watkins Glen Glen of the Pools, Watkins Glen Omega falls, watkins glen Up the Hudson from Bear Mountains by Phostint Anthony's Nose, Hudson River by phostint Brink of the HOrseshoe Falls from Terrapin Point Electric Line through the Great Gorge General View of Niagara Falls from Clifton Hotel General view of falls from Canadian side Whirlpool rapids an dgreat gorge route Bridge from Goat Isle to Mainland Giant rock and trolley line through gorge Whirlpool rapids Maid of the MIst landing and steel arch bridge The Great Gorge of Niagara River Looking south from Bear Mountain, Hudson River post office, kingston, NY by J. Ruben High school, kingston Storm King, Looking North, Hudson River Narrows of the Hudson Ausable River and the Notch between lake placid and Wilmington Scene near Margaretville, NY Washington's headquarters, Headquarters April 4, 1783 Scene near Margaretville 64 Wilmington High Falls, Ausable River near Lake Placid Upper cascade Lake and Cascate Mt. on highways between lake placid and keene Scen near Margaretvilleby Tichnor Quality Views

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Price: $90.00

Set of 8 Antique 1946 - 1949 First Day Issue Air Mail Stamps on Envelopes

These 8 antique stamped envelopes are first day of issue air mail stamps on envelopes. Includes: * 25 cent pacific-asiatic and africa 1947 * 5 cent Small Size 1947 * 5 cent Coil Stamp 1948 * 6 cent coil stamp 1949 * 10 cent south and central america 1947 * 6 cent US Air Mail 1949 * 5 cent US Air Mail 1946 (2 stamps) * 15 cent europe and middle east 1947

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Price: $35.00

Set of 9 Antique 1939 - 1960 First Day Issue Air Mail Stamps on Envelopes

These 9 antique stamped envelopes are first day of issue air mail stamps on envelopes. Includes: * 2, 6 and 12 cent stamps, "Commonwealth of the philippines 4th anniversary," 1939 * 3 cents, International Red Cross, 1952 * 40 cents, John Marshall, 1955 (2x of these) * 30 cents, Robert E. Lee, 1955 (2x versions of this) * 20 cetns, Monticello, 1956 * 25 cents, Paul Revere Patriot, 1958 * 4 cents, Boy Scouts, 1960

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Price: $35.00

Antique 1968 Department Store Calendars: Doll & Shop

These two calendars appear to be unused and are for the year AD 1958. They include advertising for Wolverine Shell, Horsehide, Suburban, and pigskin shoes and Masardis Cash Store in Maine. One depicts a girl wtih a doll, the other is a painting of three boys at an ice cream parlor. 9 1/2" x 15 1/2".

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Price: $8.00

5 1/2 inch stearling spoon 1902 inscribed "Wichita"

This is a sterling spoon with "Wichita" inscribed in the bowl. Behind the neck of the spoon it is marked "STEARLING" and "PAT 1902" as well as two tiny pictorial symbols. It measures 5 and 7/16 inches long and 1 3/16 inches at it's widest, and weighs .7 ounces.

Additional Photos: 1 2 3

Price: $12.00


Ancient Wooden Asian Asura Door / Gateway Carving

This beautifully crafted ancient Asian artifact measures approximately 4" deep x 18" wide x 69" tall. Appears to be a wall or door guardian.
This artifact has not been identified definitively. It most recently came from China but could've migrated there from any surrounding region (most likely India) as the symbols present in this carving are fairly ubiquitous throughout Asian cultures with exposure to Hindu beliefs. I'd guess door since it appears to depict some sort of Asura (Ashura) guardian spirit with lotus flowers in three of its palms and what appears to be a primitive Vajra in the other. If it's an Asura, it's probably closer to Indian origin than Eastern Chinese or Japanese as it only has one head. Appears to have a dragon crowning it or overlooking it, unknown symbols floating on each side of its head. Some of the paint is still present and it looks like it's been repainted multiple times throughout its lifetime (one layer could've been primer? not sure).
We are currently seeking more information on this item--please send a message if you have questions or comments!
Shipping to be arranged by the buyer (local pickup or freight--this item is too large, heavy and valuable to be shipped via normal means). E-mail us to make arrangements, or for additional photos! All proceeds from this item go to the Davistown Museum.

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Price: $6,000.00
e-mail us to arrange payment and shipping!

Sonrietas, Mezoamerican Veracruz Culture Sculptures

These little mesoamerican curios are distinctive of the "sonrietas," or "smiling faces," found in the regions around Mexico and central America where the Veracruz culture flourished for hundreds of years. Being sold individually for $150 each--please specify which you wish to buy.

Additional Photos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Price: $150.00 ea