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Planes and Shaves
Rulers, Levels, Gauges and Plumb Bobs: Slide rules, mortice gauges, T Squares, Bevels
Machinist and Mechanic's Tools: Calipers, Dividers, speed dial indicators, pliers, surface gauges, clamps, punches, micrometers, gauges, oil cans
Edge Tools : Chisels, Gouges, Slicks, Turning Tools, Knives, Swords, Axes, Hatchets
Drills: Drill Bits, Gentlemen's Bit Braces, Crank Drills, Beater Drills
Leatherworking, Sadlier's and Cobbler's Tools: Leather knives and shaves, splitters, washer cutters
Other MiscellaneousTools: Hammers, crate pullers, multitools, scrapers, saw sets, awls, boring tools, screwdrivers