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Edge Tools: Chisels, knives, axes, hatchets, swords, shears, etc.

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Antique Civil War Jessop Brass Fleam Flem Flew Flue Fleame Phleam Bloodletter

Tool Type: fleam
Brand: Jessop
Materials: brass, steel
Condition: SEE PHOTOS! Age patina, tarnish spots, wear on blades
Measurements: 3 3/8" long closed, 3 1/4" blades

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Price: $165.00

Antique Cast Iron Handle Heller Bros. Newark Farrier's Hoof Crooked Knife

Tool Type: Farrier's hoof knife
Maker: Heller Brothers
Materials: Cast iron, steel
Condition: Dark old patina, blade is a little wobbly
Measurements: 9" long, 4 3/4" handle

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Price: $16.00

Antique William A. Clark Broiled Beef-steak Kitchen Chopper Knife Tool

Tool Type: Meat chopper
Maker: William A. Clark of Woodbridge, Connecticut
Materials: Steel, wood (rosewood)
Marks: WM A. CLARK PAT'D APR'L 4, 1871 (this is patent #113,260)
Condition: Looks like it's missing a spring, has some pitting and dings
Measurements: 8" long, 6 5/8" edge, 5 1/8" tall

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Price: $48.00

Antique 1800's Saynor Cooker Ridal English Nail Trimmer Scissors

Tool Type: nail trimmer scissors
Maker: Saynor Cooker Ridal
Materials: Cast and hand finished steel
Condition: old dark patina, works fine
Measurements: 4" long

Additional Photos: 1 2 3

Price: $8.00

RARE Antique I.P. Hyde Pat. 1876180 Multipoint Leather Knife

Tool Type: Double point blade leatherworking knife
Maker: I.P. Hyde
Materials: Steel, beech wood
Condition: Smudges and superficial blemishes
Measurements: 8" long, 1 1/2" edge with blade screwed in

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Price: $12.00

Antique Oliver Wendell Holmes Shear Steel Cutlery Set

This set of five butter knives and four 2 pronged forks is made of shear steel and stag antler. It comes in a wooden wall hanging case with an inlaid silhouette of the knife and fork crossed, which has some damage. The knives are marked, "C. CONGREVE SHEAR STEEL." Knives measure 9 5/8" long with 6 1/4" blades, forks are 7 1/4" long with 3" handles. This set originally belonged to Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Additional Photos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Price: $450.00

RARE Antique Taxidermy Knife from Warren's Anatomical Museum, Boston Mass.

Tool Type: Taxidermy and cadaver knife (actually a horticultural pruning and budding knife but apparently used for taxidermy)
Maker: Warren's Museum
Materials: Steel, stag horn handles, bone lip
Condition: signs of sharpening, blades stay firmly open. Some chips on the edge of the bone lip. An extremely rare piece of historical memorabilia from early in the days of Warren's Anatomical Museum (of Harvard Medical School), which was founded in 1857.
Measurements: 5" long closed, blades are 2 5/8" and 2" long.

Additional Photos: 1 2 3 4 5

Price: $800.00

Antique Primitive Hand Forged American Crook Hoof Knife

Tool Type: Hook ended crook knife -- Typical of those used by Northeastern native Americans for canoe making, basket weaving, and leather work
Maker: Hand Forged Antique Materials: Wood, Copper, Iron (may be a reforged file or similar tool) Marks: none Condition: Good, nice old patina, can see the evidence of hand forging and carving. An unusual straight handle--most were L-shaped. Measurements: 6" long

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Price: $45.00