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Mechanic and Machinist Specialty Tools:
Micrometers, Taps & Dies, Gauges, Calipers, Dividers, Auto Tools, Machinist's Clamps, etc.

20% of all sales go to benefit the Davistown Museum

Antique Ghallager Woodman Patent Ornate Filigree Dial Speed Indicator

Tool Type: Speed indicator
Maker: Woodman's patent
Materials: Brass, nickel finish, steel
Condition: A lot of wear on the finish, body is slightly warped, still turns but not easily
Measurements: 3 3/8" long

Additional Photos: 1 2 3

Price: $18.00

Antique Blue Bird No. 11 Automotive Car & Truck Battery Pliers

Tool Type: battery pliers
Maker: Blue Bird
Materials: steel
Condition: Tarnish and pitting
Measurements: 7 1/2" long

Additional Photos: 1 2 3

Price: $10.00

Antique Moore & Wright (Sheffield) Hermaphrodite Firm-Joint Calipers

Tool Type: firm-joint hermaphrodite caliper divider
Maker: Moore & Wright
Materials: drop forged steel
Marks: Moore & Wright, Sheffield, England
Condition: Some scrapes and dings near the tip, old tool patina. They still stick in place.
Measurements: 4" long

Additional Photos: 1 2

Price: $8.00

Set of 8 Vintage Mechanic or Machinist's Steel Punches

Tool Type: Steel metal punches
Maker: Various
Materials: Steel / Iron
Marks: Various
Condition: Good, they look somewhat used, a bit of mushrooming
Measurements: includes 8 punches with the following specifications (top to bottom in first photo): * 4 1/2" long, marked "G. RY. SIG. CO." * 5" long, unmarked * 5 1/2" long, marked "STANDARD V.T. CO." * 5 1/8" long, marked "STANLEY ALLOY -8B- MADE IN USA" * 5" long, marked with an H in a circle and "HARGRAVE 3/8 284" * 7 1/2" long, marked "LAMSON S-OCDNOW & CO" * 5 1/8" long, marked "D DUNLOP" * 2 1/2" long, marked "RHONNE - KNOVEL"

Additional Photos: 1 2

Price: $10.00

Antique Circa 1800's Machnist's Surface Gauge

Tool Type: Machinist's universal surface gauge (gage)
Maker: Unknown -- If you know who made this, let me know!
Materials: Steel
Marks: none
Condition: Good+, minimal tarnish, fittings work
Measurements: 5" tall, 4 1/4" probe

Additional Photos: 1 2 3 4

Price: $65.00